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It looks like the second LOTR film is going to beat its Harry Potter rival at the box office this time around. Damn straight.

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Via Jonah Goldberg and The Corner comes a pointer to this story about muscle tissue grown in the laboratory, that is, the yummy side of beef without all the messiness of shoveling 20 pounds of manure per Angus or having to put up with cows’ unceasingly tedious conversations about whether Aristotelian philosophy can still be […]

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On the Nuclear Brink?


by: Mr. Mustard

President Musharraf of Pakistan recently said that during the last India/Pakistan crisis, he was perfectly willing to use nukes if any Indian soldier crossed the line into Pakistan.   “I personally conveyed messages to (Indian) Prime Minister Vajpayee through every international leader who came to Pakistan, that if Indian troops moved a single step across […]

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