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Nelglected the blog today. The end of the semester has sunk its meat-loving talons deep into my flesh and will not let go. Blogging to resume/continue in earnest tomorrow.

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The Great Libertarian Horde has landed upon the shores of Blogitania, and now descend with ferocious anti-government eyes scouring the countryside to skewer upon their razored arguments the plump sacred cows of Social Security and the War on Drugs and feast upon the fat of the statist land. Yes, Reason now has a blog. Read […]

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Quote of the Day


by: Mr. Mustard

  “The concept of ‘art’ has been defined to be so broad these days, that it’s actually hard to tell whether you’re looking at a profound statement of 21st century urban angst that also satirizes western consumerism and the SUV, or whether it’s actually just a piece of flattened horseshit on the road.” -Dilacerator   […]

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