You know you’re one truly wacky leftist bananer when the NY Times only barely tries to conceal its contempt for you in a news article .

These are people who actually went to Iraq to protest against Bush and defend Saddam Hussein .

Kathy Kelly, a 49-year-old former Chicago high school English teacher who is a co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness, spoke out against the Bush administration and in defense of positions taken by Mr .

We’re deep in Twilight Zone territory here, people.

I know what you’re thinking: it couldn’t possibly get any better than this! Take heart, gentle reader.

Ms. Kelly is on her 16th visit to Baghdad, going back to the period of the Persian Gulf war when she and her American companions protesting against the American-led war to drive Iraqi occupation troops from Kuwait camped briefly on the Iraqi side of the desert border between Iraq and Kuwait. In 1996, she helped establish Voices in the Wilderness from her Chicago kitchen for the purpose of campaigning against the United Nations sanctions imposed on Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait.

Once again, I am struck parody-less by these people’s incredible ability to make themselves look stupid.

last update : 26-5-2018

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