Could someone please tell me when Gaddafi stopped dressing like a gay military buff and started dressing like a gay interior decorator?

Was it after the bombs fell about 20 feet from his house? If so, I think we have a new strategy in the War on Terror: don’t actually hit them with smart bombs, miss by just a little bit and send all the wacky mullahs and imams and would-be-Caliphs into a new productive career in the art of home economics.

“Achmed, that drab brown tapstry is just atrocious. You want your mosque to say ‘Here I am, look at me! I love Allah!’ Here, take a peek at these colors, they are simply to die for. Now look at that. I think we’ve got ourselves a sixth pillar on our hands: being fabulous!

last update : 26-5-2018

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