I would try to not sound like such a slobbering fanboi, but then I would just be acting dishonestly, because frankly, I am one when it come to Charles Krauthammer, since as you can see, the guy is awesome .

Always relevant, concise and packed with insight to its ears (plus a dash of Steyn-like sarcasm here and there), Krauthammer once again delivers the goods in his latest editorial, laying out clearly the situation between the US and the UN, in his typically unapologetic manner .

No more dithering . Will you veto it?

This would not be an easy choice for France. It certainly understands that if it vetoes the resolution, and if the United States goes ahead regardless (as it certainly will), and if the war is a success, this will mean the end of the Security Council as a serious institution.

In other (less sophisticated) words, “Bring it on, nancy boys!”

That was only a small taste. Read the rest of it.

Do it now.

last update : 23-5-2018

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