I’m not a baseball follower. Nor am I a baseball leader. In fact, concerning sports in general, I’m pretty much in the dark . I watch basketball when the Lakers are doing well, and I never miss the annual Foxy-Boxing championships, but aside from that, the world of sports is pretty alien to me.

Oh sure, not forced-anal-probe-on-mothership alien. More along the lines of illegal-immigrant alien, like if someone tried to engage me in a conversation about sports, I probably would be only be able to mumble something such as “No habla deportes, senor,” and go about my humble business .

So it was with familiar confusion that I greeted the realization that this year two teams from California are in the Super Cup, or whatever it is you call that thing where the guys in the clothes go out and play each other and one side gets a big trophy at the end of it. I forget what they call it, but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of ass-slapping involved.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to go into that whole homoerotic thing that every kid who wishes he didn’t suck so much at sports seems to rely on to get himself through the day . “Pbbbth, why would I want to do that? They’re only doing it so they can find a socially acceptable way to touch each others’ butts and take showers together. Buncha queers.”

So anyway, the National Series or something is going on and it’s both California teams . The Bay Area Beheamoths and the Disneyland Seraphim, I think. I have no idea who’s favored to win it, or what the strengths of each team are, or when and where the games are going to be played or even any of the players on each of the teams, but I do know one thing for sure: movies tickets cost way too much these days. Am I right, folks? Like 12 bucks and then another 7 or so if you want to get anything to eat! Plus the theaters are just too big! Why do you need to cram 10,000 people into a mini indoor arena which you then pump so full of sound that your ear drums are already shattered just after the THX thing has played??!

That’s all I want to know!

And really, isn’t that what’s really wrong with baseball these days?

Buncha damn queers…

last update : 19-4-2018

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