As promised, I delved into a great of glob of foolishness and propaganda today on Sproul plaza, where many valiant voices were raised demanding that the University to prosecute people who had blatantly violated common-sense rules of student conduct.

Roberto Hernandez of course graced everyone with his incoherent babbling presence. This was the first time I had ever listened to this guy actually speak, and I must say, “underwhelmed” barely begins to describe my reaction. Note to SJP: it would be a good idea to find a poster boy that is a little more articulate and can put forth ideas more complicated than “The university is like, trying to hold me down. They don’t give me no financial aid and I don’t even know where I’m gonna live and stuff. It ain’t fair!”

But, thankfully, he didnt speak very long. I wasn’t very close to to the speaking area, but it seemed from a distance that he soon became confused and agitated, so I suppose he had to be tranquilized and put back in his holding cage, to be trotted out at the next pan-Leftist gathering.

There were other, more forceful speakers present as well . One student liked employing that particularly effective rhetorical trope speaking really really loudly and angrily into the mic, so as to cause wonderfully delightful feedback and static. That way, he could be sure the audience knew he meant what he said.

He seemed to take his cues from Amiri Baraka when he went on for a few minutes, demanding to know the answer to a plethora of “Why?” questions, such as “Why is the university wasting 400,000 dollars of our money to prosecute Roberto? Why have they locked the doors to Sproul and Wheeler? Why are there police standing over there in a line?” If I recall correctly, most of the other questions were restatements of these core queries.

I wasn’t lucky enough to be endowed with a microphone and PA at the time, so sadly, his questions went unanswered and his confusion only continued, but I’ll make a go of it here.

1) “Why is the university wasting 400,000 dollars of our money to prosecute Roberto?”

Because the university is too concerned with due process to do what they should have done a long time ago: boot Hernandez’ ass to the street. He helped shut down a UC building while classes were going on. He attacked a cop when that police officer tried to remove him and his fellow illegal protestors.

At the rally, one of the most infuriating bits of nonsense that was spewed repeatedly from the mouths of speakers was that somehow the university was responsible for the $400,000 that it spent on Hernandez’ lengthy student conduct proceedings, not Hernandez himself, like a murderer accusing the state of wasting valuable government resources on his long and expensive trial . There is of course the minor point that, had he not murdered anyone, there would be no trial, and had Hernandez not saw fit to try to forcibly bar students from entering class, and then decided to not assault the police officer that was trying to remove him, 400,000 would not have been wasted.

A truly just end to all this would be for Hernandez to be expelled, and then sued for 400k, consigned to bankrupt oblivion for his forcing the UC to waste so many resources on his worthless ass.

2) “Why have they locked the doors to Sproul and Wheeler halls?”

Because they finally learned their lesson. Because last time, when the doors weren’t locked and they trusted you spoiled children to actually act semi-responsibly, you went inside and tried to take over the building. You tried to interupt classes and forcibly bar students from attending class. In short, because of YOU.

3) “Why are there police standing over there in a line?”

See above, dumbfuck.

Around this time, I was passing out some of the flyers I had made the night before . Most of them were declined, most of the time politely, and I hung around until a little after 1 pm, since by that time I think the organizers realized they weren’t going to get a very big crowd and decided to just sit around on the steps of Sproul pumping rap music through the speakers.

All in all, it was about what I expected. Large amounts of silliness and idiocy to go around.

last update : 23-5-2018

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