From USA Today:


And without proof that Saddam Hussein’s regime is concealing banned weapons, it may not matter what United Nations weapons inspectors say about their search of Iraq in their status report Monday to the Security Council. The majority of Europeans say they want proof Iraq has biochemical or nuclear weapons, or they won’t support a war.


Considering that it’s a direct violation of Resolution 1441 to oppose military action after Saddam has shown himself to have not wholeheartedly cooperated, I am just shocked –shocked!– that they would go against the wishes of the Security Council.


The price for going to war without the approval of France, Germany and others would probably be a further cooling of ties already strained by trade disputes and differences over the environment and human rights issues.


That will be a price paid more acutely on Europe’s side by about tenfold.

last update : 23-5-2018

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