The repeated urge to portray silly, baseless accusations such as oil lust or personal revenge between Bush and Saddam as some kind of sensible anti-war stance are making me less and less confident that there are currently any credible anti-war arguments out there.


What is remarkable about the coalition of churches opposing war with Iraq is how broad their political sympathies are. It is not just the left that is making the noise. Take Peter Gomes, Baptist minister, Plummer professor of morals at Harvard, and die-hard Republican . our country’s reputation as an irrational and undisciplined bully.”


I really don’t care where the criticism is coming from. It’s irrelevant when you consider the substance of what was said. I don’t give a shit if George H .R. Bush himself said “I demand a better excuse than revenge or oil for the prosecution of a war,” because it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a stupid criticism, one that reveals that the person who said it is either incredibly dense, or has done his best to not pay any attention to the actual issues at hand.

There’s a frantic effort on the part of the anti-war press to find anti-war sentiments among the non-“usual suspects,” people who don’t wear open-toed shoes and would look perfectly at home in an L.L . Bean catalog. That’s all well and good, but just because someone happens to vote Republican or go to church regularly doesn’t mean that “It’s all for oil!” suddenly becomes a more tenable criticism. All it reveals is that the person saying it somehow suffers from the same lack of knowledge or reason that the typical ANSWER freakshow does.

Perhaps the anti-war folks have begun to realize that it doesn’t help their cause to hold protest marches that remsemble a more ragged, less sanitary Mardi Gras sponsored by fronts for openly Stalinist organizations. The problem is it seems they’ve decided the answer is to change the outward appearance, not the substance, of the anti-war stance. Call me unfairly skeptical, but for some reason I’m not convinced by the same silly rhetoric just because it’s dressed up in a suit.

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last update : 19-4-2018

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