Minute Verdant Pigskins links to the incidence of a (Pakistani?) Muslim gas station attendant, Syed Ali, who called the police when he witnessed a (Bosnian) Muslim man who had just bought some gas from Ali, walk across the street and start dousing a synogogue with it.


“I saw him spilling gas on the sign in front of the synagogue,” Ali said. “Then, he started spilling it onto the door – that is when I called 911 .” 

But as Ali waited for the cops, Jakup returned, demanding a refill.

“He was totally out of control,” said Ali, adding that Jakup was screaming, “I want more gas!” as he kicked the cashier’s booth Ali was in.


It is, of course, great to see an actual practitioner of the Religion of Peace that one hears so much about, and assuming this sort of thing happens more, it should get a lot more play in the media .

Of the attempted arsonist, the news had this to say:


A relative, Haji Popinara, 34, said Jakup – who lives with his father and sister four blocks from the synagogue – is mentally disturbed. 

She said that on the day Jakup lost his job, he smashed his sister’s TV and VCR.

“It’s not about religion,” Popinara said of yesterday’s incident at the synagogue . “He just flipped.”


Obviously the man was a little “bananer,” but that doesn’t mean the fact that he attacked a synogogue isn’t significant. After all, a white guy who suffers a nervous breakdown and starts attacking any blacks in sight could be said to be mentally disturbed, but that doesn’t mean people would blind themselves to the fact that his particular choice of targets, even in a demented state, bespeaks some pre-existing racial animus.

In a convenient way, this story encapsulates both the right and the wrong things to do when speaking about the actions of muslims: publicize the good acts of muslims, yes, but don’t seek to cover up or downplay the clear examples of religious hatred (or apology/tolerance for such hatred) that seem to be curiously prominent among much of the present day muslim population.

last update : 19-4-2018

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