Bill Quick, this daily dose of warmongering goes out to you. It’s never too late to regain the faith.

So, the steady buildup of forces in preparation for an attack against Saddam continues unabated.


The hospital ship USNS Comfort — last deployed off the coast of Manhattan to help victims of the September terrorist attack — departed Baltimore on Monday for the Indian Ocean, a medical outpost for a war with Iraq.


As a switchblade-toting, outmoded slang-slinging Kiefer Sutherland once noted in the fine film Stand By Me, “This is big time, baby .” The inclusion of lareg scale medical resources can only mean that the plans for invasion are real, concrete and imminent. If you’re expecting our soldiers to just hang around with their big guns and simply look menacing as hell, you’ve got another thing coming. Hospital ships and tens of thousands of reservists being activated doesn’t mean “police action,” it means war.


Still, Pentagon officials insist no decisions have been made with regard to starting a war. The deployment of so many soldiers is simply a matter of giving President George W . Bush options, they say: an option to launch a quick strike at a moment’s notice, rather than waiting to build up forces after they are given a green light.


A nice sentiment, that. While politically necessary to say these sorts of things all the time so the French aren’t forced to use up all their nice “multilateralist” rhetoric too soon (after all, they have to save some zingers for the main event – there are only so many ways you can say “cowboy,” you know, and they’re running out of synonyms), once the cameras are turned off and Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather have gone back to look over their cue cards and make sure all the hard words are spelled foh-NET-ick-lee, no one really has any doubts about whether our course is set on war or not.

The plain fact is we’re not going to spend the billions of dollars it costs just to deploy a battle group of the size that’s going to be operating in Iraq and have it sit there with their fingers crossed hoping that Saddam will have a Mr. Grinch moment and his heart will grow three times its size and that he’ll suddenly throw open the gates to Iraq and turn all his chemical weapons facilities into day-care centers .

A friend of mine who joined the marines about 2 years ago is currently in North Carolina and recently said that he’s soon going to be deployed “east” somewhere. Somehow I don’t think he was referring to east North Carolina.

I bet Saddam is starting to get annoyed at that undertaker who keeps following him around trying to take measurements.

last update : 23-5-2018

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