Although many in the blogosphere already do this as part of their day-to-day, I think it would be highly beneficial to the efforts of the pro-war side of the blogging ranks if there was an entire website devoted entirely to cataloguing the often outlandish claims of the anti-war crowd. It would of course be a place where someone could look up, say, “Noam Chomsky” and see that, among other things, he insisted prior to the “everybody-wins!” victory in Afghanistan that the US was methodically planning and carrying out a deliberate genocide of 3-4 million innocent Afghani civilians, and of course never admitted later how brain-bogglingly stupid he was to suggest such a thing. But more importantly,it would do the vital job of calling these people on their remarkably incorrect predicitons when they are proven wrong, and serving as a reminder when they put out their next series of war predictions that would make Chicken Little say, “Dude, chill.”

Because that’s the most outrageous aspect of the anti-war cohorts: that they can continue to pound out a steady litany of dire “expert” analysis and then not be held accountable at all when it proves to be something less than expert, with their journalistic reputation intact and shiny for their next column or talking head appearance which again reveals their belief that using the words “quagmire” or “street-fighting” enough times is all that’s required to blunt any pro-war argument (in truth, it seems the q-word has fallen out of use by the anti-war crowd these days; I suppose its usefulness was spent after using it repeatedly to describe the Afghanistan campaign, which soon proved to be the ultimate anti-quagmire).

last update : 23-5-2018

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