I don’t care how much Novocane they give you (turning what seem like substantial portions of your gums into hamburger by repeatedly clumsy attempts at injection of the stuff in the process), no amount of painkillers can distract you from the fact that they’re drilling a fucking hole in your head, and that all the nerves within an inch wide radius of Tooth Zero are screaming in agony, and you’re. Not. Doing . Anything. About. It!

Sure, you may not actually be receiving most of the signal they’re frantically trying to send to your brain, but you know it’s there nonetheless . You feel like a General at HQ who knows he can’t get any air support to the doomed troops desperately shouting for it over the comm channel, so all you do is shut off the radio. Just cuz you can’t hear it doesn’t mean you don’t know they’re getting chewed up.

I got home and the whole right side of my face from my chin to my ear was in full vegetable mode . It was fun for a while to poke my cheek with sharp objects and sense only the slightest hint of pressure, but now the ‘cane is wearing off and I feel like I told someone with anger issues and ample muscle mass what I did with his mother the night before and then gladly presented my jaw for a thorough thumping.

Well, at the very least, when I start falling asleep on the Interstate tomorrow and I slap my cheek to degrogify myself, I’ll likely be greeted with a sensation that should keep me awake (and whimpering) for a good half-hour at least.

Always a bright side, folks.

last update : 26-5-2018

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