So the question is, is this latest flip, in which the Saudis have agreed to let American supply planes (and possibly warplanes) operate from the longstanding US base in Saudi Arabia (the one that many in the blogosphere thought was going to be basically abandoned in favor of the new facility in Qatar, due to Saudi intransigence), a signal of the diplomatic show necessary for edgy Arab countries not wanting to look like cowering allies of the US in front of their Middle Eastern schoolyard chums, or a real turnaround in Saudi behavior?


The Air Force Chief of Staff, General John Jumper, went further, saying: “I firmly believe the Saudis will give us all the cooperation we need and every indication I have is we’re getting pretty much what we’ve asked for .”


Well, that says something, and then it also doesn’t .

Getting all you ask for doesn’t mean all that much when you ask for very little, like, say, flying a few resupply planes out of Saudi Arabia every now and then in order to make it at least like (for now) that you’ve got a working relationship with your host country.

This is all speculation of course, and the Bush administration has quite adeptly played a 3 Card Monte game of diplomacy thus far, talking one way and going the other, and a sudden reversal that reveals SA to suddenly be our dear friend in this fight that was just yukking up its anti-American schtick for the cameras so as to throw Saddam and other enemies off guard would not exactly be unprecedented at this point. However, I can’t ignore the preponderence of evidence and rhetoric (coming from leaders and officials in both the US and the Saudis’ craptastic kingdom) that says our goals, our ways of life and our plans for the region are all incompatible.

Feel free to sound off and tell me I’m off my rocker.

last update : 19-4-2018

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