A silly Marxist critque


Surely Tolkien was a rightist and a son of the white racist ruling masters of South Africa. Surely he got his education in Oxford, England during the post-Victorian prime of the British Empire, i.e .


A typically vagina-obsessed feminist perspective:


The Fellowship Of The Ring is shallow, simple-minded and could be a big budget episode of Xena: Warrior Princess. Plus the chicks get a raw deal – the strongest female presence in the film isn’t Lady Galdriel or the elf Arwen. It’s the pit of fire (aptly named the “Crack of Doom”) into which the hobbit Frodo (Wood)must destroy the cursed ring in his possession . From where I sat it strongly resembled female genitalia, not a firey volcano. Was there a “girl germs” issue at work here?


A dermatological viewpoint!


For a pot pourri of evil skin findings, nothing beats a band of Orcs. Usually when movies feature an alien race, the producers lazily make all of the race’s members look exactly like one another . Some examples at this site include a race of bald pale creatures living in a Dark City and monotonously furry simians living on The Planet of the Apes. This goes against Darwin’s theories of evolution and against the fact that accidents happen, creating scars. The LOTR producers deserve full credit for individualizing the Orcs.


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