Via the Clam, we learn that recently elected Berkeley mayor Tom Bates not only stole copies of the Daily Cal and trashed them (since the newspaper had endorsed his opponent), but then lied about it as well, coming clean only when he realized that the evidence was piling up against him .

Now, I’m trying my hardest to restrain myself from drawing larger conclusions about what might have been one over-zealous guy to the character of Berkeley and the atmosphere of political dialogue here in general, but you have to admit that publications seem to find their wholesale way into the trash a lot around here .

When David Horowitz took out an ad against slavery reparations in the Daily Cal, the papers were stolen and replaced with protest fliers .

And then along comes Bates. What do you do when a newspaper endorses your opponent? You make sure no one sees it of course, by committing theft. Nice, huh?

Was talking to Michelle about the whole deal, and she decided to take the philosophic view, “Well, if any publication deserves to be distributed from a trash can, it’s the Daily Cal.”

last update : 23-5-2018

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