Via The Angry Clam, I’m pointed to this article in the Daily Cal that details the financial woes of Berkeley cop assaulter, apologist for terror, incoherent mangler of what was already bad English and general piece of “progressive” trash Roberto Hernandez .

This “Expel Roberto Hernandez” deal is mainly the Clam’s gig (I’m just jealous I didn’t take up the cause first), and so I’m usually content to let him be the sole source of Hernandez updates concerning his violent criminal actions and idiotic, disruptive political activities with campus groups like Students For Justice in Palestine, but this latest slice of self-entitled whining was too much for me to sufficiently exercise my self control to keep silent .

I’m not going to quote the article .

I’d just like to point out the fact that perhaps Hernandez would not currently be $4,500 in debt and thus depend upon the activities of a “Roberto Hernandez Hardship Fund” if he had gotten off his fat stupid ass and got an actual job like any of the other thousands of UC students rather than a hobby shouting incoherent slogans on Sproul and applauding the actions of sick terrorist murders. I mean, I’m sure he could find some spare time to do a little honest work in between his no doubt rigorous course work in the Ethnic “Studies” department, right?

At the last SJP rally on Sproul, Hernandez was given the microphone so he could wax nonsensical for a few minutes about how hard his life was, what with the University witholding his financial aid. After all, he only assaulted a cop during an illegal and violent demonstration on campus that disrupted classes and tried to physically intimidate students and faculty. No biggie, right?

I mean, isn’t it his inalienable right to be paid by the university to act like a fucking idiot?


Newsflash, Roberto: the revolution will not be subsidized.

last update : 26-5-2018

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