File this one in the “Overwrought Symbolism Department .”

RAMALLAH ? Palestinians residents have complained to authorities that mortar shells fired by Hamas toward Israeli communities have struck their homes instead .

Paletinian Authority officials said Fatah and Hamas mortar attacks have struck Palestinian homes near the city of Dir El Balah in the Gaza Strip .

The PA-owned Al Hayat Al Jadida daily said Dir El Balah residents complained at a recent meeting to both Fatah and Hamas representatives that most of the mortar attacks have fallen short of the Israeli communities .

Sensible folks have long known that the pathetic thugocracy of the PA and the culture of martyrdom and unwavering genocidal fever that is propagated among Palestinians, while being disastrous to Israel, have actually always harmed Palestinians much more.

Maybe this all too literal example will pound a few particularly thick skulls into accepting this in the West Bank.

last update : 26-5-2018

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