See a.l.l th.ose interspersed peri.ods? that’s what happens when y.ou spil.l water .on y.our keyb.oard, s.o it’s .off to. the c.omputer st.ore f.or a bit.

I g.ot this keyb.oard 6 years ag.o as part .of a fu.l.l system I b.ought >(bef .ore I started putting them t.ogether rando.m upgrades), and it’s the piece .of that .original. system that remained after al.l the c.ontinua.l upgrades.

Sigh., the end .of an era.

I’m sad t.o see it g.o and w.ou.ld .like t.o stick it .out, peri.ods .or no .o pain where yo.u’re g.oing…

Polish Prince of Penis!!

last update : 19-4-2018

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