In a what will surely be a shock to habitual drinkers of lead paint and sniffers of industrial solvents everywhere, MSNBC reports that Saddam Hussein (gasp!) will not be winning Father of the Year anytime soon.

This, in a report that describes how the apple never falls far from the tree, or rather that the psycho never strays far from the insane asylum, the rotten fruit of Saddam’s diseased loins, Uday and Qusay, are written of as being just as crazy and ruthless as their overachiever father .

It is hard to imagine how, but Saddam?s male offspring, say a wide variety of sources, could be worse than the father. Their life stories, as pieced together largely from the accounts of defectors, are Gothic in their monstrosity .

You mean they wear black, flowy clothes and white makeup and pretend that they like to hang out in graveyards and are interested in the occult and shit because the cool kids at school ignore them?

Shit, we have got to nuke Iraq RIGHT NOW .

Saddam has always believed in the symbolic power of mutilation .

Left to their own devices, Saddam and his two sons could wind up like scorpions in a bottle, trying to kill each other. Against the United States, however, the brothers are putting up a united front. ?If Uday is killed in battle, then there is Qusay,? said the elder brother in a recent Iraqi TV address. ?And if Qusay is killed, then there is Uday.?

He of course glosses over the most likely scenario possible: that all three of them , along with every Tikrit crony of theirs will all have a very bad day very soon after the war starts, be it by bullet or Daisy Cutter .

Getting rid of Saddam won?t be enough. His sons will have to go with him, or they will continue the family business.

I like the way you think.

last update : 26-5-2018

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