I’ve said before that I was pretty sure that Bin Laden was a lump of discombobulated pieces of protein drying on a cave wall somewhere in Afghanistan, and I think that assessment was sensible at the time. I have to admit I was a little dissapointed when I came to that hesitant conclusion, since I had hoped we could have ended his despicable existence in a much more final, public and humiliating way.

Now a preponderence of opinion is building that says Bin Laden is alive.

As Lisa Simpson once noted, the Chinese have the same word for crisis as they do opportunity. So did the ancient Greeks. Their word “kairos” can be translated as “the critical moment” when both failure and success are in doubt. This is the situation we are currently in with regards to Bin Laden.

There are those who were always against the War on Terror in it’s present form (and some who opposed it in any form save that of abject surrender and apology) who will point to Bin Laden’s current liveliness as proof positive that our war is counter-productive, pointless, costly and inefficient, unable to even stop the one man who perpetrated 9/11.

That is, of course, foolishness .

So the fact that Bin Laden is still alive is not a real cause for worry. He won’t suddenly create some terrorist masterstroke, and his presence won’t secure nuclear weopons for Al Qeada. But he is still important because of his symbolic status, and it is this we should try and kill most.

An anonymous, unconfirmed, secretive death in a cave somewhere didn’t do a good job of this, but now we have been given a second chance. I’m not suggesting we should capture him and torture him to death live on CNN, but some underhandedness would still be fine. Perhaps we could capture him and hand him over to the Mossad. They’ve been willing to use, ahem, unusual interrogation techniques, in the past. Perhaps they could “persuade” him to make another videotape, one in which he cries and moans for clemency, making him look like a coward. Think of what that will do to his stock on the Arab Street .

Or perhaps just a death in battle, but one in which he is shown to be fleeing, preferably deserting his Al Qeada comrades, leaving them to death at the hands of the infidel while he tries to save his own hide and ends up dead for his trouble. This too, would have a significant effect on the appeal of Al Qeada to fervent young Arab zealots.

However it is done, the US should grab this opportunity to really put an end to the myth of Bin Laden with simple brutal reality. The fact that he’s alive means we can now do this.

last update : 26-5-2018

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