The Guardian interviewed Richard Perle .

Apparently, the hawkish, bloodthirsty American shocked their refined British sensibilities, because the opening paragraph characterized the ordeal as “an extraordinary tirade” against Europe .

My goodness, Perle must have been frothing at the mouth, right? Was he banging a club and gnashing his teeth menacingly? Did he stand on a table, hooting and growling and start throwing his own feces at the gentle, sensitive Guardian folks?

If he did, Edward Pilkington and Ewen MacAskill are kind enough to leave those sordid parts of the interview out . What Perle did do that constituted this extraordinary tirade was say the following:

I think Europe has lost its moral compass .

Germany has subsided into a moral numbing pacifism. For the German chancellor to say he will have nothing to do with action against Saddam Hussein, even if approved by the United Nations, is unilateralism.

Shocking, I know. He might as well have just up and relieved himself on the couch.

Call me extraordinarily tiradic, but could any Guardianite morons explain to me how Perle’s statements are any different than the French comment that Americans are engaged in a silly simplisme in their foreign policy? Or how his accusations against Germany are not in fact much more measured and fair than Schroder’s pathetically transparent opportunism in his fierce anti-Bush, anti-anti-terror statements?

I sort of wish Perle really had gone neanderthal on your stupid asses.

last update : 23-5-2018

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