In Yugoslavia, according to the BBC, the recent presidential election is going to be declared invalid because of a lack of voter turnout.

They say that only about 45% of the electorate voted. Under Serbia’s electoral law at least 50% have to take part to make the poll valid.

Well of course no one showed up. The ballots are like, printed in Serbian or something!

Who can read that shit? Not me. If you held an election here in Serbian, less than 50% of people would show up too. Hell we barely make it that high when the elections are in English .

Our correspondent says Mr Kostunica is respected as a modest, reliable conservative, while Mr Labus is seen by his supporters as a talented economist, someone who would be able to negotiate the best deal for Serbia in its financial transactions with an often unsympathetic world.

Translation: he’s good at dodging creditors.

“No man, I totally sent the cheque…. Well you know how the mail is these days, lousy government workers . Maybe you should check the back room again…”

last update : 19-4-2018

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