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Wang-Bas Under Attack


by: Mr. Mustard

A fire in an unlicensed internet cafe in China has prompted Chinese officials (or rather, given them the excuse they had long been seeking) to shut down thousands of such establishmets across China.   Many Internet cafes were unlicensed and had no fire exits or other required safety features. Officials complained that they also gave […]

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So the question is, is this latest flip, in which the Saudis have agreed to let American supply planes (and possibly warplanes) operate from the longstanding US base in Saudi Arabia (the one that many in the blogosphere thought was going to be basically abandoned in favor of the new facility in Qatar, due to […]

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Where are the mass demonstrations? Contrary to the constant worries of so many bloggers, there seem to be good indications that the war will be in full swing by February. So where are the mass demonstrations that we saw several times a week during the Summer and early in the Fall? Where are the colorful […]

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