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Blatant Fanboiosity


by: Mr. Mustard

The pizza gods hate James Lileks. Hell, I’m with ’em . AS A HOBBY. The pizza gods may have it in for Lileks, but it’s clear the talent gods are punishing the rest of us . Well sheee-it. I’d be satisfied if only I could be that fat German guy who doesn’t say much and […]

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The InstaDude makes a point relating the travails of Michael Bellesiles to l’affair Lott. He latches on to a cogent fact that I think is something of a prominent phenomenom in the annals of modern politics:   I think that there are parallels. Oh, not in the underlying offenses. But what puzzles many about the […]

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Tacitus points to this article examining one of the more interesting cultural problems confronting our military in this war of East meets West. Ample amounts of outrage have rippled throughout Pakistan over a photograph of a US soldier searching a Muslim woman in Afghanistan, a practice prompted by the fact that those burkhas have been […]

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