The innocence of children. Both sweet and sad at the same time, isn’t it? While the adults of the world have to busy themselves with an often unpleasant and messy reality, we can always look wistfully at the simple worldview of children and sigh enviously, seeing through their naive eyes a world where the answers are always clear, always obvious, and wisdom is to be found in the most basic of emotional urges, completely unhinged from the burdensome requirements of any kind of reason. People should love each other, so it must be the case that they naturally do, if only we would all stop hating each other and let them. Like I said, sweet. But it is also sad to look into the cognition of wide-eyed innocent children, since we know that someday, the angry hand of reality will swing down and leave a nasty red mark on their cheek and a tear in their eye . Eventually they will see how ugly the world can be, how resolutely determined some people are to do the worst kinds of evil, and that it’s not a matter of giving them enough hugs or puppies to dissuade them from evil, but rather sending enough bombs and bullets their way to dissuade them from living. The children will learn, harshly, that sometimes this is the only way, and even when it is not, there still often exists no “good” solutions to problems, only those that are somewhat less awful. And often, those lessons will be supremely painful, because they will shatter a beautiful world, and all the lovely delusions that went it. It is for this reason that I weep for children.

Nauseated yet? Now then . Replace “children” with “the Left.”

Still works, doesn’t it?

One of the saddest propensities of the Left has always been to appeal to “the insight of children,” thinking that somehow innocence is the same as wisdom, and that naive gut emotional reactions to world problems are not only cute, but intellectually instructive. Describe the Cold War and MAD to a six year old and one wouldn’t be surprised to hear “That’s dumb. People should throw their nuclear bombs away and buy people food and homes instead.”

At this point everyone sighs and thinks, “How adorable!” But that’s where the unity of reaction ends . Most of those on the Right would probably then think something along the lines of “What a shame we live in a world where things just don’t work that way and we have to deal the best we can with the ugliness and violence that all too often lives in the human soul. Anyway, keep buggering on, lads…” And those on the Left hear the child’s proscription for world peace and happiness and slap their foreheads, saying “Well of course! Why didn’t we think of that?”

In other words, they’d like to teach the world to sing . Those hardheads on the Right meanwhile are simply too busy bloodying their hands trying to protect themselves and their singing neighbors from the nasty folk who, for whatever reason, aren’t interested in learning to sing no matter how badly someone wants to teach them and instead would be perfectly happy ripping out your vocal chords, burning down your house, and raping your daughter.

It isn’t really surprising that the Left would be so interested in the viewpoints of children, since at base so many of their beliefs are so very childlike, arising from the faith that if they just want it badly enough (and are pure of heart, of course!) they can create a perfectly harmonious world through sheer will. After all, they see how great everything would be if people simply put down their bombs and started giving group hugs all around and sharing everything they had with everyone else, so how could anyone else fail to do so?

It is with this same fundamental mindset that Common Dreams posts a transcript of a speech given by a 12 year old girl at a peace rally in Maine. I’m not going to go through the thing and pick out the almost uncountable errors and fallacies, because fisking a prepubescent just seems useless and in bad form, like getting in a boxing ring and beating the snot out of a bunny rabbit. I mean really, what’s the point?

I don’t call attention to this piece to highlight the foolishness of the girl. Pre-teens are allowed to be foolish. If they weren’t, where would the fun be in parenting? Rather, I do it to highlight the fact that this website, a perfect emblem of progressive thinking, has seen fit to print the words of a 12 year old girl, thinking that somehow her horribly flawed, but sincerely earnest and kind concerns contain the answers to the strategic, geopolitical and moral questions of the day. Can you even begin to guess what kind of piercing insight she offers up about war?

(I’ll give you a hint: she doesn’t think it’s good)

last update : 19-4-2018

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