A picture of Mark Wellstone at his father’s memorial service chanting “We will win!” Just one instance among many exhortations at that event to use Wellstone’s death as another reason to vote Democratic in the next election .

Now imagine for just a moment if the Republicans had done something similar for a fallen party member before an election at what was supposed to be a non-partisan, public memorial service, especially one in which Democrats were in attendance .

Can’t quite imagine it? Neither can I .

You might think this is an example of hypocrisy, but really it isn’t, because the underlying assumption that is a true fervent belief among most of the media and of course most Democrats is that Republicans do things for what are, at their most basic, evil selfish reasons, whereas actions by Democrats are by default motivated by a drive for goodness and progress . So in that sense, according to their internal logic (whacky as it may be), it makes perfect moral sense to use Wellstone’s memorial service as a call to arms, since, come on, they’re only trying to help people, man! While Republicans doing it is a case of naked political greed and self interest. It’s just that simple.

Update: Mark Steyn, referring to Mark Wellstone’s above display writes,

Well, OK, the kid’s still in shock. He’ll cringe with embarrassment in years to come if they ever show a clip on TV, but cut him some slack, he’s under a ton of pressure from the party heavyweights, let it go.

I think he has a good point.

last update : 26-5-2018

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