This is nauseating.

The former head of the Israeli army, Shaul Mofaz, is on a speaking tour in Britain. A British lawyer named Imran Khan is seeking to get him arrested by British police for apparent “war crimes” against Palestinians during his tenure leading the Israeli army.

Before today, I had never heard of Mofaz, and being the gullible wide-eyed innocent that I am, I thought to myself, “Hmmmm, well I don’t know anything about him, maybe he is a war criminal. Who knows?

The allegations include instructions to assassinate, torture and demolish houses.

Assassination? You mean killing known terrorists who daily work to kill innocent Israeli civilians? Interesting .

Torture? Like when they knock a captured terrorist around for a while when they know he has information that could prevent an imminent bombing? Curious.

Demolishing houses? Like the houses of suicide bombers who murder women and children for the sheer joy of filling some filthy Jews full of nails and glass?

Of course, I’m just taking shots in the dark here. Maybe this Imran Khan guy has something more substantive…

[Mofaz] directed some of Israel’s most controversial military operations in the West Bank earlier this year, including Jenin – where Palestinians claim a massacre took place – and Ramallah .

Yes, they claimed a massacre took place, with the same amount of honesty and trustworthiness with which they claim the Holocaust didn’t take place. Even the reliably pro-Palestinian UN concluded after a lengthy investigation that the death toll at Jenin was not significantly higher than the number of Israeli soldiers that died in the same operation, and that those deaths were overwhelmingly composed of PA fighters. The fact that the BBC doesn’t mention any of this is shoddy, biased reporting.

And if Jenin is typical of the “evidence” that this lawyer has against Mofaz, then it’s pretty safe to conclude that this is another attempt on the part of the PA and their apologists abroad at spreading the Big Lie: namely that Israel is really the only actual terrorist entity in the middle east, and what those subhuman walking bombs do shouldn’t be classified as terrorism or crimes agianst humanity, but “resistance.”

If this scum lawyer really cared about the suffering of the Palestinian people, he would be working to get Arafat indicted for crimes against humanity. Even if Khan doesn’t give a rat’s ass about murdered Israelis, he should at least be a little more concerned with the suffering that Arafat’s thugocracy has visited upon the Palestinian people .

last update : 23-5-2018

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