When I say that, it almost sounds like a bad thing, doesn’t it?


I’ve written before of my intense dislike for the man, which only increases in direct proportion to the embarrassing accolades he recieves as a humanitarian and a diplomat does an excellent job encapsulating the less than savory aspects of the man’s conduct:

Jimmy Carter just won a Nobel Peace Prize for, among other things, his 1994 intervention with the North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung that led to this agreement . (Carter also enthused that “there is an incredible reverence and exaltation of President Kim Il Sung,” author of one of the most grotesque police states in all of history.)

Not only foolish to point of extreme recklessness, but downright eager to praise one of the most despicable men alive today.

The rest of the column is an excellent indictment of “paper” diplomacy. You know, where you get lots of bad people to sign lots of treaties and cross your fingers hoping they’ll go along? I hear it’s really big in France these days.

last update : 26-5-2018

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