Enough seriousness. We now return you to our regularly scheduled nonsense. ..

You know, from what I can tell from the pictures I keep seeing of Bahgdad, Saddam’s military is pretty much just a bunch of posters of him holding a gun. And it’s not even a scary gun . It’s a rifle that your great grandfather probably used in WWI.

And he always seems to be holding it in that “Thiiiis. .. is my boomstick!” sorta way. This would be quite fearsome except for the fact that the rest of us aren’t 13th century peasants cowering in fear of the Deadites. Maybe in Bahgdad that shit plays, but not here, Saddy.

Why aren’t we out getting this guy right now? Just assemble an elite Scissor brigade to take on his vast 2-dimensional forces, and it’s over in a few days.

last update : 19-4-2018

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