A picture from Moscow .

I readily admit I don’t know much about the Chechen situation, or the other separatist movements in the former USSR, but I have always been sympathetic to their cause of independence, and I still am .

I think it was Jay Nordlinger who told a story of a group of old Ukrainians he knew. These were people who had truly suffered the worst hardships you can imagine under the Soviet rule of their country, and had a truly deep, truly powerful flame of hatred for Russians that forever lived inside of them. But still, still they described acts of terror such as these with utter disgust and horror, and said that instantly the entire community would be sickened and would separate itself from anyone among them who would dare randomly attack and murder civilians, women and children, even if those peope were Russians.

That’s the difference between civilization and barbarism, and these thugs in Moscow have squarely set themselves on the side of the barbarians.

last update : 26-5-2018

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