One of the most irritating and yet, at the same time sad, things to see is a media outlet or personality reporting what they know isn’t true, in the hopes that their claims will be taken seriously and influence the public or policy makers so that what they predict actually does come to pass.

Stock market circling the crapper’s bye-bye hole? Throw in some headline about a quick rebound and see if the tail wags the dog .

Is “your candidate” not doing so well in the campaign? Mudslinging and dirty journalism is considered so gauche these days. Just distort the polls numbers a little to rally your troops and demoralize the enemy .

Don’t want a war with Iraq? No problem! Just make up some nonsense about how a stall at the UN would halt the US, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll convince enough people to slow down the momentum for war that it will grind to an indecorous stop.

At least, that’s the theory . To be fair, the article only states that war plans with Iraq may have to be modified and not scrapped altogether, but nevertheless, they conveniently ignore statements such as this:

“We have made the call to the international community and to Mr. Saddam Hussein himself to disarm. But, friends, if the United Nations won’t act, if they’re feeble in their responsibility, and if Saddam Hussein will not disarm, the United States will lead a coalition in the name of peace to disarm Saddam Hussein,” [Bush] said.

Spending 3 months dithering and quibbling over details sounds pretty “feeble” to me.

last update : 26-5-2018

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