An insightful, well-written and quite simply excellent column somehow found its way in the SF Chronicle’s website today. I’m going to be checking the weather channel for reports of snowflakes in Hell, but meanwhile you should go read it now. Don’t worry, I’ll sit here with my rifle ready to take out any airborne porcines, should they come flying by

A taste, just a taste .. .

Diversity. More than motherhood, it is the one unassailable concept these days . Open any teaching publication, and you will find testimonials to diversity . Flip through any recent social sciences or humanities textbook and diversity pops up with predictable frequency. Follow a politician to a school photo-op, and you’ll get diversity in the speech by the politician, in the one by the principal who welcomes him and in the one by the teacher trying to impress both of them.

If a good education is meant to produce independent thinkers, I’ve seen precious little evidence it does . Education is one of the most fad-driven enterprises imaginable. It produces a new catechism each decade, which everyone dutifully recites. Finally, long after the fad has grown tiresome, everyone’s attention turns to another scrap of dogma for the next decade .

The fact that this is being published in the Chronicle is no small feat . Even more reason for you to go read it.

Why are you still here?!

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