Every time a hippie goes to jail, an angel gets its wings .

There’s a very happy angel somehwere up there right now .

Now, while I am of course overjoyed that our justice system has succeeded in putting this reprehensible murdering hippie behind bars, I don’t want the sense of self-satisfaction which flows naturally from such an event to cause us, as a society, to lose sight of the larger goal of putting all those damned dirty hippies beyond bars for good .

We have been held in the stranglehold of this unwashed mass of counter-culturals for far too long, and the time for action is now!

As a Berkeley resident, and furthermore as a member of the Berkeley co-ops, I am in a uniquely opportune position to coordinate a large section of this campaign . I have already compiled an extensive list (not to be confused with my general revenge list) of individuals who fit many of the criteria for the species Malodorosa Hippia.

Furthermore, with my Berkeley and co-op experience, I could be valuable in aiding the search for more of the filthy beasts outside of the Bay Area, for I have come to know their habits and mores. I could point out places where they are likely to congregate, such as eco-communes, Phish concerts and Burning Man.

This menace has tormented us for far too long. The time is now, my brothers and sisters.

Hippiae delendae sunt!

last update : 23-5-2018

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