Josh Martin points to this expose of a thoroughly nausea inducing human being, George Galloway, an apologist for just about every shitty aspect of the Mid East you can shake a dead infidel at. Scroll down about 3/4 of the page and read the section entitled “Being John Malkovich”:

George takes legal advice after the Hollywood star John Malkovich allegedly said he would like to shoot him. Malkovich is reported to have said that the George Galloway, was one of two people he would most like to kill. The source of Malkovich’s anger appears to be Galloway’s condemnation of Israel’s action against Palestinians and his criticism of the west’s policies on Iraq . The actor did not explain exactly why he disliked Galloway. He said only that Galloway did not tell the truth.

Who knew that John Malkovich was so freakin’ cool?

I’m always surprised when I find an actor that doesn’t tow the strict liberal line. For all I know Malkovich could be a dyed-in-the-wool leftie in everything else, but at least he’s on the right page on the Mid-East .

I remember how shocked I was when I learned about Gary Oldman’s politics, in a story detailing how he was pissed off about how the movie “The Contender” turned out. Apparently when he signed on, he thought it was a movie about a courageous conservative senator bringing down a corrupt liberal politician. When I read that I sorta went “Whuzzah-huh!?” and rubbed my eyes to make sure I hadn’t been slipped some powerful psychedelics.

But it’s always a treat to read things like that.

last update : 23-5-2018

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