Well, John Hawkins has thoroughly dashed my hopes of becoming the proud owner of a warblogger award. For his First Annual Warblogger Awards, I begged him –begged him!– to create a category of “Best Weblog Called Mean Mr. Mustard Run By Russell Wardlow.” Otherwise, I figured that my chances were slim to Kate Moss. Hell, I’m barely a warblogger. I’m really more of an libido-blogger. Warbloggers do their bellicose thang for the purpose of rallying the nation for the necessary martial action to protect our lives and freedoms.

Me? I just wanna meet chicks.

And I figured lots of cool chicks read RWN, so it stood to reason that winning me one of them fancy awards would ratchet me up in the blog dating pool from pondscum to shoescum. The only way I saw there being a remote chance of this happening was for Hawkins to create the aforementioned category.

Did he do it?

Does Michael Moore leave anything on a plate of spare ribs?

Yeah, that’s right.

Bah, whatever. Lileks still probably would’ve beat me.

Anyway, I can at least say that I got to be one of the 70 or so voters. And, that sense of inflated self-importance that I would normally take from such a distinction would likely be more pronounced had more of my picks actually won (Go Michele!).

last update : 26-5-2018

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