That’s it, after this I want to never again hear a call for the US to work through the United Nations or any other ridiculously perverted international body. Ever. Put a fork in it, fellas, that goose is cooked.

It is now impossible to turn a blind eye to the flagrant hypocrisy represented by the “key US allies” on the Security Council, who continue to make it clear that they’re none too interested in upholding the key tenets of the resolution they themselves voted for months ago, to say nothing of the plethora of resolutions they have sternly issued over the last decade.

“Moving the goalposts” is too gentle a characterization to describe the gross, atrocious efforts by certain UNSC members at every kind of stalling rhetoric to halt any US action that would actually enforce what the UN itself requested. With their pathetic calls for further inspections in the face of obvious, acknowledged fact that Saddam has been unshakably aggressive in disobeying every single one of the proscriptions in Resolution 1441, in their ability to repeatedly turn their appeasing faces away from the avalanche of evidence shotgunned right into their eyes by Powell on Wednesday (evidence that, even if you are the most disbelieving, cynical and rabid anti-American, cannot be denied as proving that Saddam has flagrantly ignored ever single request made of him by 1441, to say nothing of the more circumstantial yet nonetheless compelling evidence detailing his links to Al Qeada), in their ready-made and instantaneous rhetoric of “more inspections! more!” that would follow any revelation Powell might have made, without even considering what was actually said, by all these things and more, they have proved themselves unwilling to seriously address the issues presented by that mad fuck in Baghdad.

Forget “moving the goalposts.” They’ve taken the goal posts down, disassembled them, burned the pieces, loaded the ashes into a rocket and shot that rocket into the sun. They’ve made it clear that there is nothing that Saddam could do, nothing that the inspectors could find or not find that would make them actually admit that the time for their cat-and-mouse diplomacy is over.

If tomorrow the inspectors found, despite the Iraqis’ best efforts at hinderance, a hidden factory for processing uranium, along with blueprints for making a nuclear bomb and a test site for banned ballistic delivery systems, all with notarized photos of Saddam gesturing to said items with a big grin on his face and a thumbs-up sign, this would merely, in the perverted bizarro-world logic of France and her cohorts in the UNSC, provide more reason to continue with the inspections, because they are so obviously working!

Even if you brush off the dozens of items of solid evidence detailing Saddam’s links to Al Qeada, even if you decide to live in a magical fantasy land where fairies and elves lurk behind every corner and the notion that Saddam isn’t any longer trying to build a nuclear weapon to accompany his vast stores of chemical and bio devices is credible, even if you’re sufficiently stupid to hold the crank idea that Saddam is not a dangerously increasing threat to the United States or the rest of the world, you still cannot deny that he has systematically, with every resource at his disposal, violated every one of the requirements laid down by the United Nations, requirements that were wedded to a specific and mandatory schedule of military action that would be taken against him should he not enthusiastically follow through with the UN’s demands.

To deny this is to be at odds with reality. But not only that, it is to be at odds with the very body that purports to represent the interests of the “international community” as well as that vaunted entity known as “international law,” which is so often and so loudly proclaimed to be the supreme governing force of the world that the members of the UN righteously uphold.

Well, they’ve made it clear now that all of those values mean nothing to them. They’re merely props, a screen draped over the same naked self-interest and brutal, greedy power-politics that always characterized relations between states. If that is the way they want the world to be run, then fine. I think they’ll find we can play that game better than the.

The sheer fact that they have engaged in this war of moralizing (no matter if their stances as to just what is moral and right keeps shifting, except in the sole case of, whatever they tell us to do, that always seems to be the moral way), the fact that they think to move us with appeals to ethics and law and right and wrong reveals that, even with all of our power and potential for violence, still they expect perhaps that we will be constrained by harangues based on what is right, even when it places a burden on us and our people.

And the fact is that, some times, we will.

But not when those barbed criticisms and invocations of morality serve only as a thin, trasnparent sheen over another country’s personal interest. Not when they dump vats full of heated rhetoric about our arrogance and unilateralism and war-mongering at our feet just so they can direct attention away from the fact that the whole reason they’re interested in the situation in the first place is because there’s some surreptitious money to be made or power to be gained or an ego to be stroked.

Now things are clear. Let the French go do what they think is best for them and theirs. We’ll do the same. We’ll stand inextricably by those who are our true allies, because that’s what allies do, and we’ll also assist those who share our interests. And, when it’s possible, we’ll do the Big Right Things and leave it to history to decide whether it was we or that cadre of scheming weasels that helped drag this world, kicking and screaming, into some semblence of civilization, security and human happiness that outweighs whatever existed before.

last update : 18-6-2018

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