by: Mr. Mustard

In the Talking Points section of the BBC, they ask the question: “Is there enough evidence for war on Iraq?”

A red-blooded American response:


Yes, Colin Powell did a bang up job of showing us that Saddam is not a nice guy. But it was nothing we didn’t know before. I echo other sentiments that if they knew that Iraq was evading inspectors, why didn’t they pass this info onto inspectors? I think the US will set a very dangerous precedent by just invading Iraq at this point for regime change. If we invade Iraq, are we going to go and topple all the other evil and repressive regimes? Where is the moral line that we can cross for this and not other countries? 

Lisa, Burlington, VT, USA


And a Euroweenie reaction:


That’s good enough for me. A material breach of Resolution 1441. Let’s roll! 

Matthew Knowles, Loughton, UK


Maybe we could arrange for a swapping of citizenship?

last update : 23-5-2018

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