I was also struck by how forceful and unambiguous he sounded in pressing the need for going after Hussein now! And it leaves me curious as to how much of his anti-war, pro-UN rhetoric of the past was a ruse to set up the rhetorical impact of the trusted US dove morphing into a blazing hawk sharpening its talons before the eyes of the UN.

Don’t get me wrong, like everyone else I still think Powell is easily the most dove-ish of Bush’s inner circle, but perhaps some of his rhetoric in the last few weeks strayed further into the anti-war camp deliberately?

If only Nixon could make peace with China, then surely only Powell could sell war to the UN.

CNN has an as-of-this-writing unfinished transcription of Powell’s speech here, but they seem to be zooming through fairly quickly. Keep checking it for updates.

Update: The Russian foreign minister says we should give the inspectors more time for now because the inspections are “working”. Did anyone check to see if he slept through Powell’s speech?Update: The full text of Powell’s speech is available via the White House here

last update : 23-5-2018

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