Via the Angry Clam, we get the story at the bottom of this page, about a row between pro and anti-Bush protesters at a speech by the president in Michigan .


Meanwhile, outside an estimated 500 pro- and anti-Bush demonstrators clashed in a savage snowball fight . 

“There was about 10 inches on the ground,” reported Ehlers, so opposing forces had plenty of ammo .

By the time order was restored, several demonstrators were arrested . But Ehlers, a professor at UC-Berkeley in the 1960s, wasn’t impressed.

“Nothing like a Vietnam protest,” he said of the melee, in which outnumbered Bush supporters routed their opponents, according to one participant, by using “better target selection and superior firepower.”


Never bring an anti-war protester to a snowball fight.

last update : 23-5-2018

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