America-bashing will only get you so far, as Schroeder and his Social Democratic part have learned .


The SPD suffered its worst results since 1945 in Schroeder’s home state of Lower Saxony and in Hesse, television projections showed after polling booths closed at 6 p . 

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Lower Saxony governor Sigmar Gabriel, conceding defeat for the Social Democrats, told the Associated Press: “It’s not an easy night. We’ve lost the election to the Christian Democrats with very, very bad results.”


Admittedly, this isn’t really a denunciation of Schoeder’s anti-US positions, but rather of him using those positions as the core of his appeal to German voters. At the very least, it might signal a shift inward towards domestic issues of the German political focus. Then again, maybe Schroeder will just say it’s the Americans that caused all those nasty economic problems in the first place, eh?

I can’t deny that it’s satisfying that these state elections have served nicely as a stark contrast to the midterm elections of last November in the US. While we as a nation have shown electoral support for the course Bush is taking, one of his most aggravating diplomatic opponents has essentially been handed his ass by the votes of his own people.

What was it that Sheryl Crow said about “karmic retributions”?

last update : 23-5-2018

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