Steven Den Beste is fond of saying that Bush repeatedly gives his enemies the very rope to hang themselves with, and I think he’s usually right in that assessment. One of the mainstays of Bush political strategy has been to wait a situation out, not show his hand, and let those that are opposed to his way of thinking reach a fever pitch of maneuvering and strategizing before he drops the rhetorical hammer in a way they didn’t expect, and indeed were not able to anticipate due to the fact that, absent any indications from him, they had worked themselves into a frenzy of action in one direction .

Once again, there are glimmers of this happening in regards to Europe, as the the InstaMan writes:


The point is that — despite (or because of) their diplomatic anschluss — France and Germany are now isolated within the E.U . may splinter as a result of their anti-American efforts. 

That probably won’t happen, but it’s a far cry from the “United Europe” stance that Chirac and Schroeder had in mind . Why, it’s almost as if they were lured into this position.


The strategy Bush seems to employ with repeated success reminds me of the Calvin Coolidge quote: “If you see ten troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you.”

A generally prudent “hands-off” statement to remember, especially when you’re in the position of having the ability to foist the giant apparatus of government on the world. Coolidge was making the point that hasty action (especially in the case of the public sector trying to jump on a problem before it has been sufficiently sussed out) will most often be for naught. However, in Bush’s case, it seems to take on an entirely new, and surprisingly apt, dimension.

Opponents such as Germany and France, in the most recent case, propel themselves onward with the inertia of boulders rolling down a hill into positions that are only later revealed to be traps. In this case, not only do the troubles roll into ditches, but personally dig the holes and then throw themselves in.

last update : 23-5-2018

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