Susan Sarandon is upset. It appears she’s being called “anti-American” because, as she put it, “I ask questions.”

Ooooh . Can’t you just feel that cold biting wind of oppression chilling your bones as we speak? What with her bold question-asking, and the practice of taking any dissenting voice and squashing it like a bug on Teddy Kennedy’s chair, you’d think Sarandon would already be on her way to the Gulag Archipelago. What do they call it these days, Beverly Hills?

Perhaps I’m overreaching rhetorically here, just a tad. But come on, exactly who is calling Sarandon anti-American just for her “questions” about the war?

In fact, I don’t think she’s anti-American . I think she’s something of a myopic idiot, but if that were a condemnable offense most of Hollywood would up and disappear overnight.

Even between Sarandon’s exhortations to “hate war in all its forms, whether the weapon used is a missile or an airplane,” and her appearance at peace rallies where the crowd chanted such delightfully metered rhymes as, “George Bush, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide” while she was onstage, I think there is still room to allow for Sarandon being a patriotic American. Although, I am sure she would cringe at that characterization, finding it to be a mark of redneckery .

Anyway, I have yet to find any citations of her actually being called “anti-American,” anywhere. I’m not supposing that she never has been labeled thusly, for there are millions like myself who can shoot their mouth off anytime they want and call her, oh, say, “a dried-up hosebag of a second-rate actress that wouldn’t fetch two-bits at a Texas whorehouse,” but that’s just one lone crackpot doing the name-hurling, and does not represent some widespread backlash against any patriotic questioning of the President.

But, one is prompted to wonder, since Sarandon seems so darn sensitive about hurtful words being bandied about and stuck unfairly to public figures, did she express any disapproval when the adoring crowd at the anti-war rally she spoke at accused George Bush of genocide? Perhaps one should excuse that little seeming inconsistency . After all, the rhetorically moderate folks in the crowd weren’t just saying Bush committed genocide, but were chanting it.

And rhyming!

Well then, how could it not be true?

So, I admit I have not done an exhaustive search, but would be genuinely surprised to find some mainstream sources calling Sarandon “anti-American.” But even if it does turn out to be the case that the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine and John MacLaughlin all called her a despicable America-hating slut-wench, I would submit that perhaps it was due more to her lending her name and presence to an anti-war cause that accuses our sitting President of being the next Pol Pot, not because of some innocently-minded queries . And don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean the “Made With Pride in Anti-America” label is fair per se, but it sure complicates the situation and reveals her to be, at best, an unthinking dolt who needs to more closely mind the company she keeps.

What I think this whole thing really boils down to is the painfully common observation that celebrities are all too eager to use the undeserved platform their public status amongst the glitterati affords them to pronounce on events about which they’ve never really considered more deeply than to apply Everything They Learned in Kindergarten, such as the steadfast axiom of “hurting other people is wrong.” And when the all-too-fitting rebukes come for their extremely Pollyannish outlooks on life and willingness to tell the country’s leaders what is The Right Thing To Do, they’re suddenly apt to cry that their voice of dissent is being silenced.

Once again, all together now, so all of Hollywood can hear: Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism. You can talk all you want to Susan, but keep in mind, your continued offering of pathetic little platitudes that equate the deliberate killing of thousands of innocents with the careful efforts to hunt down and destroy their killers will likely mean getting branded with words a lot worse than “anti-American.”

“Brain-dead twit,” comes to mind, for example.

last update : 19-4-2018

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