See, this is where I give my thoughts on the State of the Union address.

Hmmm. I don’t like speeches. Rather, I don’t like watching them. Just let me scan the text at my own pace, thank you, without having to sit through the slow, direct cadence of speech and the laborious applause after every other syllable .

Overall, I suppse it was a good speech, as speeches go, though I was decidedly disappointed by the lack of declarations of war. There wasn’t a single one, after all. The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking to myself, “Any minute now, he’s gonna get that twinkle in his eye and say, ‘Ok, boys, let’s drop this hammer!'”

Meh, so that didn’t happen. I guess I can wait until Feb. 6th .

I have to say, I liked this bit:


To date we have arrested or otherwise dealt with many key commanders of Al Qaida.


Heh. “Otherwise dealt with,” eh? That’s a rather civilized way of sayin’ we aired the fuckers out. And people say Bush is an uncouth cowboy. ..

As for all the domestic pork that went in the barrel, I’ll just shrug for now. There are more important things, and Bush is doing the Big Right Thing at least in aggressively supporting tax cuts. It’s one of the things that most decisively separates usfrom the economic philosophies of most of the rest of the world, especially Europe, and it’s the movement in that direction that will ensure our increased prosperity and leading economic edge while Europe drifts further into stagnation.

Don’t get me wrong, personal tax cuts are only a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but they indicate the correct philosophy, and a willingness to pursue . How all this sits with the various new social programs Bush has proposd, eh… who knows?

A billion dollars for research into hydrogen fuel? I’m not qualified to pronounce on the scientific viability, but in general I’m more happy when government money goes into research, even bloated research, rather than increasing bloated social programs.

Overall, about what I expected: he’s still there, he’s still in control, he’s still focused and determined on the big issues. Folks can disagree reasonably about whether we need a welfare state, but that argument comes after Saddam Hussein and those like him are dead and gone and we don’t have to worry about nuclear suitcases incinerating cities.

last update : 23-5-2018

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