Jonah Goldberg writes in the Corner about how the war will be seen when Saddam has gone the way of doznes of other shitty despotic human beings and the jubilation has subsided.


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He goes on to say that nations currently opposing the war, such as Germany for example, are worried that they will be cast in the role of the complicit crypto-nazis, once again allowing gnocide to take place under their watch.


I can’t shake the feeling that, say, Edward Said or Bob Novak might feel more than a tinge of disappointment if the airwaves were filled with jubilation over the alleviation of mass suffering in Iraq, the elevation of Bush to the role of Liberator and a general consensus that the US did the only moral thing.


I hope they are worried about that . But let me tell you what worries me.

I’m worried that, as in Afghanistan, the relentless criticism and harangues against the US by her supposed allies that took place before and during the fighting will once again be swept under the rug, and all those people who would have cheerfully done nothing had they been in charge will act as if they were part of what turned out to be the victoriously moral stance all along.

Suppose we go to war and France and Germany, at the very last minute, fall in line with us . After it’s over and the campaign is revealed to one of true liberation, greeted by the thronging multitudes of Iraq thanking the US, I can clearly see, even now, the manner in which the French and the Germans attempt to take the rhetorical stance of having been with us the whole time.

“That’s right, we were about to do it ourselves. We just wanted to go through the UN and acquire international approval for the hostilities that way, the legitimate, legal way, but in the end we would have come to the same conclusion and gone in there to get rid of that nasty Saddam very soon . Honest.”

And they’ll say all this with a straight face, as if they ever would have even got off their lazy asses and instituted the new inspection regime (flawed and useless as they made sure it was), to say nothing of the move to actually depose Saddam, had we not provided the constant, direct impetus for it against the continual current of opposition from the UNSC, epitomized by nations like France.

One might say that this concern is merely some shallow fear about us not getting “all the credit,” but remembering in the future who did what with regards to Iraq is a vitally important subject. It lets us see clearly who our real allies are and were, and it will mean a lot when our country and the world considers the criticism of nations like France and Germany for the next stage in this conflict, when they raise the same “concerns” and make the repeated claims about “destabalizing” the middle east.

And beyond that, it does mean a lot to just remember who the credit should go to. Even now, my blood comes to a boil when I think how the leaders of he EU will posture and claim they were on our side the whole time, and were faithful allies throughout the whole Iraq ordeal, and gosh how can the US now treat its steadfast friends so badly by not listening to our input regarding Iran and Syria?? This is the thanks we get for standing by you in your time of need???

I truly do hope that history is able to record this war the way Jonah describes, but I’m already bristling at the notion that it will play out more as some disgusting manipulative diplomatic sideshow that I wrote about above.

last update : 23-5-2018

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