With all the public policy experts that exist in Hollywood, I’m starting to wonder why we don’t just move the capital there and let all our problems be hewn away by the deep-thinking minds that make their living being good looking and reading the words someone else wrote.

The latest celebrity to try to show every American The One True Way and pull the wool off their eyes about to reveal how they’re being duped by a greedy oil baron who has fooled them all because, well, they’re just stupid nobodies, is Janeane Garofalo, but there’s a twist here. Not only does she have the usual slate of uninformed opinions, vague accusations and I’d-like-to-teach-the-world-to-sing policy suggestions, she’s also a tad miffed that celebrities aren’t given more attention and shown the kind of respect that their weighty gravitas deserves.


“They have actors on so they can marginalize the movement,” the stand-up comic says. “It’s much easier to toss it off as some bizarre, unintelligent special-interest group. If you’re an actor who is pro-war, you’re a hero . If you’re an actor who’s against the war, you’re suspect. You must have a weird angle or you just hate George Bush.”


Which of course makes one wonder as to why she would willingly contribute to the marginalization of the anti-war movement. A pro-war spy amonst the Hollywood faithful perhaps?? If so, she’s just blown her cover.

This is an interesting comment to make, considering that below it she later says she’s interested in the topic because she watches a lot of news. One would think that through all that news-watching she would have realized that, in just about every prominent case of a celebrity’s views being aired by the media, it was the Beautiful Person’s own initiative that brought up the topic . Indeed, Viggo and Sheryl went to the personal trouble of making their own shirts to display to the world at TV appearances and award shows. Then, when reporters ask them questions like, “Is this stupidity intentional, or brought on by drug addicition?” it’s somehow the journalista’s fault that the celebs chose to broadcast simplistic, myopic views and reveal themselves as being about as informed as the 4 year old goaded by his parents into holding a sign at an anti-war rally decrying the greedy capitalist military-industrial complex when he still hasn’t learned to spell his own name?

Is it Charlie Rose’s fault that Viggo Mortensen chose to wear to the taping of Rose’s show a crappy little t-shirt with the crappy little message, “No More Blood For Oil!”? Is it also Rose’s fault that, when in typical obsequious-celebrity-interview mode, Rose politely asked Mortensen what he would do about the situation were he in charge, and Mortensen instantly becoming rabidly defensive, apparently at the thought that such a question even needed to be asked, replied that he certainly wouldn’t just go bomb and kill a bunch of innocent people for the hell of it?

Because that’s what we’re doing, you see.

The media doesn’t have to try to make these people look unintelligent when they do such a dandy job of it on their own.

Further proof of media marginialization of any kind of anti-war stance:


She leavens her indictment with periodic punch lines, saying reporters covering demonstrations “always interview the guy who says, ‘The government has put a microchip in your dental fillings.'”


Now, just for the record, I watched the anti-war coverage fairly constantly and never saw any reference to orthodontal intrusion. Maybe she gets some sort of special news channel reserved only for celebrities . What I did see however (from my plebian news outlets), were anti-war rallies organized and led by a group that thought the ChiComs really had the right idea when they rolled over student demonstrators with tanks in Tiananmen Square and that the invasion of Hungary was just peachy-keen. Garofalo apparently thinks this is an instance of the corporate media obeying their slavish whipmasters to Squash dissent! Squash it all, now!

Well I was there, Jeanie, and ANSWER was definitely running the show, and the show itself was a calvacade of stupidity that would make Noam Chomsky proud. To the extent that the media showed these things for the farces that they were, they got it right this time.

The emperor’s-new-clothes moment that never seems to come around to people such as Garofalo is that celebrities are made fun of when they talk about politics because they say stupid things. Their celebrity gives them a platform to be heard, not to be agreed with, and the fact that millions of people are going to hear whatever they have to say about politics means they’ better have something substantive to add, or else get ready for an avalanche of derision. To be fair, I don’t think Mortensen or Crow or Garofalo are any sillier or more ignorant than the typical college student, nursed to their stunning myopia in a sheltered enclave of fantasy . For celebs, it’s Hollywood, for our young matriculating dolts across the nation, it’s the halls of Academia. The only difference is the earnest young undergrad can pontificate all he wants about how the war is all about oil and personal revenge and have only his dorm chums to nod sagely and ask for another hit from the bong.

But, like Garofalo said, if a celeb sees fit to pronounce their views about the war, they’re marginalized for sounding stupid. Well, I’ll make you a deal, Janeane: Don’t say anything stupid, and we’ll all stop making fun of you for it.

last update : 23-5-2018

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