Just in case anyone was still under the impression that Indymedia is anything but a grand depository of paranoid freaks, idiots and assholes who were declared too stupid or extreme to gain membership in all the other whacked-out, tinfoil operations out there need only let the Instaman point you here.

I was at that protest, but I didn’t see the INS building getting trashed . That kind of senseless, impotent violence is par the course for the kinds of folks that get their jollies from being associated with groups like ANSWER. However, a (typically) priceless quote commenting on the incident:


The question is: why has it taken this long to smash the fuck out of the INS building? This building should be fucking smashed every day that they assist in disappearing people . To hell with the INS! Fuck la Migra!


Well, besides the fact that “black bloc” makes sure everyone knows that he loves the word “fuck” in all its permutations, even more delightful is the fact that he refers to the INS fulfilling its charged task of deporting illegal aliens as “disappearing people,” as if every INS cubicle had a telescreen and a Big Brother poster.

I don’t know this back bloc fellow (thank you, sweet Jeebus), but I have the distinct feeling that (and I’m willing to bet his life on it) Monsieur Bloc is an enthusiastic supporter of regimes all around the world that actually do “disappear” people every single day .

Forget the title above. Forks are too good for morons like this. Put a spork in ’em, instead.

last update : 23-5-2018

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