The Guardian quotes the Christian Science Monitor:


“Now caught between a mostly unsupportive UN security council and declining support from Americans, the president is left with a very lonely, difficult decision … Bush was not elected to rule by polls . But he would be foolish to launch war if support keeps dwindling away,” the paper says. 

Nowhere is it dwindling faster than France and Germany. The French press was fuming after the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, dismissed France and Germany as Old Europe, no longer the leading players on the continent.


The Guardian’s attitude seems to sum up pretty well the endemic problem of perception that exists between the US and Europe . The beginning of the article speaks about Bush’s domestic poll numbers and the numbers of Americans who supposedly no longer support military action, and then switches to speaking of France and Germany as if they are part of the same base of support.

It goes to the heart of the unspoken, preassumed assertion that France and Germany must have the same influence on the Bush administration as the will of the American people, in much the same way that Euros were simply baffled and frustrated by the stu[pid cowboys’ refusal to not surrender the provisions of the Bill of Rights to the vagaries of the ICC. Likewise now, it looks like they still don’t have the visceral understanding that they can have virtually no influence at all on America’s actions, and that quickly dwindling support is not something that Bush really has to worry about in regards to Iraq.

I think that over the last six months, Bush’s refusal to take the Europeans’ ideas as serious were understood by “Old Europe” as being a temporary abberation, with their reasoning telling themselves, “The Americans are angry now so it’s somewhat understandable that they would ignore us for a while . Let them calm down and they’ll start listening to us again. They’ll come to their senses about this. They have to listen to us eventually.”

The truth hurts.

last update : 23-5-2018

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