I tend to not link to other bloggers’ posts unless I have something of even only paltry original worth to add to whatever sentiments they express. After all, with daily readership numbers most likely exceeded by the combined IQ of just a couple Mensa members, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of justification for me to try to act like some funnel for blog traffic . Somehow I doubt that the people who come here haven’t already got their daily directs from Reynolds.

That being said, there are sometimes however when I read something I enjoy so goddamn much that it becomes a personal matter, and I feel enriched by just the opportunity to have a mention of it appear in the same space where I slop out my own substandard pigswil for you folksl, even if putting it there doesn’t serve the standard Blogosphere rationale of reader direction .

Basically, sometimes I just degenerate into a slobbering blog fanboi is what I’m saying here, people. I do that sorta thing with Den Beste and Lileks fairly often, for instance . Today, though, Bill Whittle has caught my blog fancy.

Caught it, killed it, skinned it, cooked it, had it for dinner and shat it out .

His uber-essay on the mostly sorrowful phenomenom of American celebrity is apt to make lesser blogs (this one, for instance) cower in abject fear and shame. Bill is the ape by the monolith and this post is the bone with which he has beaten mercilessly upon bloggers of lesser quality . In short, it’s the type of thing that the Blogosphere was created for.

Like I said: slobbering fanboi. But go read it and see if you can resist the urge to react the same way. The startling clarity of thought and deftness of prose is unflinching in its commands to be appreciated. I’d excerpt some of it, but gawdamn, I realized that do so would simply be unfair to the rest of it. I found myself scanning through the Herculean opus and realized it was all or nothing. “Nothing” isn’t really satisfactory, to be sure, but “all” would be outright theft. So you’ll have to make do with this pointer and go read the damn thing.

Seriously, if you don’t, I’m never speaking to you again.

last update : 19-4-2018

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