So, Glenn Reynolds wants bloggers to crash the party tomorrow and divulge to the world in all their sweet, bloggy goodness what will have transpired at the big anti-war hullabaloos. I’m afraid the main D.C. march is a little out of my way, but I don’t think I could possibly say no to schlepping it on over across the bay to San Francisco so I can watch the crazies make embarrassing spectacles out of themselves, alienate even more of the American public, and chant lots of thing that rhyme and therefore must be true .

In other words, just a typical Saturday for your average A.N.S.W .E.R. brigadier.

And before I’m accused of over-generalizing about the anti-war movement, let me just say that I am aware of the fact that there are principled, intelligent, reasonable people who don’t reflexively hate America and the West who are against invading Iraq (even though I think their arguments about why they hold that position have grown rather thin), but you have to admit, that section of the “invade Iraq? NO!” ranks certainly doesn’t tend to show its face at events such as these . Like moderate muslims the world over, for too long in too many instances they’ve let the extremists, bullies, severe ideologues and thugs take the reins of their movement and steer it right toward the cliff of oblivion.

From the flyer I found advertising the SF rally:


Bush is lying when he says that Iraq poses a grave and significant danger. Remember these facts: The U.S .


Well, there it is.

No, no, I’m not gonna go into exactly why the person who wrote, and the people who read that stuff and think they’ve somehow pulled out a trump card and ended the debate probably shouldn’t be using grown-up scissors. That’s not the purpose of this post, and besides, that claptrap is so utterly silly on its face that I wouldn’t stoop to fisking it even if it was the fiskiest day of my life and I had an electrified fisking machine. It’s just not worth it.

Much more satisfying is merely to hold it up for all to see, and that’s why I’m going to the rally tomorrow. Expect a report sometime in the late afternoon. With pictures!

Tune in tomorrow for the skinny.

last update : 23-5-2018

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